Want to Learn all About Adobe XD and want to Master it for FREE? Then here is your Chance.

This Course is split into 18 Parts with a Total Duration of 100 Minutes. I will be teaching you and Guiding you through the Entire Software and will be Creating some Amazing Things in the Process.

We Highly Recommend watching the Introductory Video to so that you get an Idea of what you will learning in the Course.

1. Welcome to the Adobe XD Master Course!
2. What is the Meaning of UI/UX ?
3. Introduction to Adobe XD!
4. Setting up a New Document in Adobe XD!
5. Taking a Look at Menu Bar in Adobe XD!
6. Choosing the Best Color Scheme for Designing in Adobe XD!
7. How to Create a Login Screen in Adobe XD!
8. Creating Icons in Adobe XD!
9. Creating a Sign-Up Screen in Adobe XD!
10. Creating a Home/Menu Screen in Adobe XD!
11. Creating an Analytics Screen in Adobe XD!
12. Creating a Navigation Bar in Adobe XD!
13. Prototype your Screens in Adobe XD!
14. Sharing your Project/Designs in Adobe XD!
15. Preview your Adobe XD Prototype on your Smartphone!
16. Exporting your Designs from Adobe XD!
17. Bonus Tips and Tricks in Adobe XD!
18. Thanks for Watching!

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